Friday, March 5, 2010

Hybrid notebook how-to

Hello KCB fans! Monique here shaking things up with a hybrid post for you this week! I loooove hybrid. So since I got my ink refilled in my printer today I thought I'd whip something up for you!

So the first thing I did was measure the notebook I wanted to cover and create a document in PSP (my scrapping program of choice) to start the digital portion. Here's what that looked like (I added lines to show where the spine is, right side is front - left side is back):

Then I started scrapping :-)

Saved it as a jpg image, then inserted it into a word document.

When inserting into a word document, make sure it hasn't resized to fit. Play around with margin sizes, rotation of paper and image, and make sure the image settings are set to have it shown at original size.

Then print and gather supplies!

Now for the fun part! Cut out the notebook cover (as you can see mine's just a tiny thing). Glue it on (yes I like to use my DD's good old fashioned glue stick!). Add embelishments (I added a flower and a gem to the flower's center). And you're done!

(Before adding the flower, I used packing tape to "laminate" it so it can take the abuse of being carried around in my purse).

Digital Credits:

Kit used is called Frog Prince by KCB, found in the SSD Quarterly Assortment 2009 Version 3;
Pencil from KCB's Family Fun collab kit;
Doodles from Christy Lyle's Bonus Sipral book;
Font used is called DJB JACKED UP KINDA LUV

I think from start to finish this thing took me about 30 minutes. It's quick, it's easy, it's cute... what more can you ask for?!


  1. Great Project Monique!! I might have to try that one! :)

  2. Real cute project! Just a thought, instead of printing on regular paper, you could print on a full sheet of Avery label paper and then you don't have to use glue and you could use clear contact paper to protect it.