Friday, March 19, 2010

New Hybrid Wonders!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! It's Kiki here with some lovely new projects - hybrid-style! I am absolutely loving what everyone has been making lately. I have to say that when I thought of trying a hybrid project, I was a bit intimidated. I had never scrapped anything with paper, didn't have a scrapbooking room, or craft room for that matter, and have been known to have problems drawing a straight line with a ruler. But I went ahead and tried it and now I'm addicted. I look for excuses to make cards, look around my house to see if I can think of a project to make. It's so much fun, and I feel so good when I see what I accomplished! You should try it too!

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these beauties:
by cayla73 - a mini card:
by putri - a diary:
by dbrpcr - a baby carriage:

by dbrpcr - a card:
by putri - a card:

Now you've seen the variety of what can be made using your printer, wonderful products made by Kristin, of course, and a little imagination. Go ahead and take a swing at a hybrid project. You will be amazed at how fun hybrid can be.

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