Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Overlapping tutorial

Hey there KCB fans! Have you ever wanted to overlap parts of an element with another but just can't figure out how to do it cleanly? Then maybe this little tutorial on how I do it will help you out. Personally I use PSP, but this tutorial isn't really program specific so no matter what you use - you should still be able to come away from this tutorial with a better idea of how to overlap. Here it goes!

1- First I picked out a journaling mat and string element that I wanted to overlap.

2- Next I duplicated the string layer. (I right clicked on the string layer and selected "Duplicate") This will give me one to erase and one to stay whole.

3- Now I have to move the duplicated string layer to be beneath the journaling mat layer. It's also a good idea to link these two string layers so that they can be moved while keeping them exactly above one another.

4- Now I can select the top string layer and start erasing the parts that I want to have appear to be under the journaling mat.

5- As you can see - the part that I erased looks nice and clean, this is because of the string layer that is positioned beneath the journaling mat. Just remember to add shadows to the bottom string layer, not the top ;)

And that's it. Feel free to ask any questions you might have! And I hope that helps you with overlaping elements on your next layout!

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