Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post Halloween quiz time!

Hey KCB fans! I'm just wondering what kind of "sugar binger" you are since most of us probably had at least a few pieces of candy this past holiday weekend :D Play along and post your answer in the comments!!

Your Halloween Sugar Binge is Caramel Apples

You have a sweet tooth, but you can feel easily overwhelmed by sugar.

You prefer to have your treat cut with something healthy, like fruit and nuts.

But don't let the apple part fool you, you can eat sweets with the rest of them.

You're even willing to make a bit of a mess if your sweet treat is tasty enough.


  1. Your Halloween Sugar Binge is Cookies
    You like creating sugary things as much as you like eating them. You have a flair for baking.
    And for you, there's nothing sweeter than eating your own cutely decorated Halloween cookies.

    There's something magical about holiday cookies. And why should you be forced to wait for Christmas.
    Plus, you swear that there's something about the orange frosting that gives you power to hand out candy for hours!

  2. Your Halloween Sugar Binge is Cupcakes
    You love sweet things, but you're not big on overindulging. You'll just have a little taste.
    A small cupcake is perfect for you. You can sneak one in anytime and avoid sugar overload.

    Plus, cupcakes are fun and whimsical - just like you. They add a little cheer to any situation.
    You're the type who is always doing something to make others happy... Like whipping up a delicious batch of cupcakes!