Monday, April 18, 2011

Hybrid Showcase!

Hi everyone! Lex here with fresh hybridy picks from spelunking in Kristin's Gallery--the talent and skill of these hybrid artists just blow me away! :) And just in time for Easter, here're some projects showcasing her adorable Hippity Hop kit:

CTM Laura whipped up these hybrid eggies

Check out this sweet Cupcake Box by sigmakap95--this is just as awesome as the little giftie inside!

Rocking the Hybrid Wall Art is apphotos with this:

Aaaaaaand just to mix things up a little, how about this Family Design Tray by Neverendingjen? She used Baby Boy for this one and it seriously blows my mind :)

Hope you enjoyed these and can pass by these artists' galleries to leave a little love! :)

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