Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Mother's Day Wishlist

Mother's Day is just a few days away and I know many of us have a little wishlist of what we'd like, so I asked the girls to reveal their wishlist. Here's what they shared with me...

  • Our own Kristin would like one of those cute family rings or necklaces that are handmade from etsy
  • Lauren Grier aka La - "to be hooooooooooooome :p" - and we are so excited that after being in the hospital for almost a month that she was discharged yesterday and is recovering at home now! WOOT!!!
  • Laura would like a massage.

  • Rebecca would like...
  1. not to have to cook... Hoping for lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant.
  2. chocolate... but not just any ol' chocolate... Wilmar's ...
  3. Flowers or a handmade gift from my kid... since my hubby isn't crafty, it probably will be a purchased card and Jake will sign in... seeing "mama" in my son's hand writing just melts my heart...
  4. To be able to buy a few kits from SSD (outside of Sweet Rewards time)... with NO grumbling from hubby about the number of kits I have and why do I need more kits?

  • Terra would like Project Life for Mother's Day. I'd love to use it to document my little guy's second year.
  • I would like this necklace, which is all three of my kiddos' birthstones.
So, what is it that you would like for Mother's Day? We would love to hear what's on your wishlist.

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