Friday, November 13, 2009

Recipe Challenge for Friday the 13th!

Hi everyone. Kiki here. Glad to have you joining us for a Recipe Challenge on this day surrounded by a world of superstition. Or is it? But this challenge will be fun, and you may find some luck today! And if you are really lucky, you'll see a glimpse of Kristin's new kit coming out tomorrow.

To play, post a link to your layout using the following items out of your KCB stash. (You may use freebies from Kristin). Your layout can contain more than what is listed below, but it must contain the items below to qualify. Post a link to your layout by Thursday, November 19th to qualify for the draw of one of Kristin's kits! Are you ready for a lucky recipe challenge?

Each of these items must be KCB items. Recipe:
4 patterned or solid papers
3 different buttons
2 frames
2 photos
1 stitching element
1 journaling element

for a total of 13 elements! Have fun with this, and remember to post the link to your layout here in the comments so that I can give you some love, and make sure that you qualify for the draw!

Now here's some eye candy you cannot afford to miss! Check out the sneak of Kristin's amazing new kit coming tomorrow! Sweet Caroline is just gorgeous, jam packed and beautiful to work with!

Here's some gorgeous eye candy that the CT members have made with this beautiful kit:
by KayM
by Kjersti

by Sonja

by Shannon

by Nikki


  1. Thanks for the fun challenge!

  2. Thanks so much for the challenge.

  3. here is mine! thanks for the fun challenge

  4. Here is mine... fun challenge!

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