Thursday, November 12, 2009

Write with me - Simple Pleasures

Hello again! Last week I challenged you to create a layout about a simple pleasure and to include some journaling about it. This week I thought I would tell you a bit about some of my simple pleasures to help inspire you with your layout.

One of my favourite simple pleasures is my wax/oil burner. I just love filling my house with the smell of Lemon Icebox Cookies, Vanilla Hazelnut, Rosemary & Thyme. The best ways to get those scents in my kitchen would be to actually do some baking, but I don't always have the time. So sometimes I light a candle and burn a favourite scent, close my eyes and take in a deep breath of those wonderful aromas. Then I feel relaxed, calm, and ready to take on the rest of my day - or ready to end my day on a wonderful note.

Mmmm... another yummy simple pleasure. This cup was given to my by my mother years ago and I love it. It's a bit larger than our other mugs, so sometimes it's really nice to fill it up with some gourmet hot chocolate, or a nice hot cup of coffee, then sit back and relax. It's pretty, it's big, and I just feel all warm inside and happy whenever I use it. To me it's a wonderful, simple, pleasure.

Another simple pleasure for me are these pansies. I found some old pots lying around in my garage, filled them with some old potting soil I had a bag of , and planted some cheap seeds. It was a great project for my 4 yr old DD and I, and we got to watch them grow from tiny seeds into big lush plants with a variety of different coloured blooms. It was so wonderful to step outside my door this Summer and see this small display every day. It added colour to our day and reminded us of a wonderful mother/daughter day we had planting them. It was simple, and a pleasurable memory I will always cherish.
I hope these simple pleasures that I've shared with you will help inspire you to create a layout about something that you find to be a simple pleasure. For a chance to win a kit by Kristin Cronin-Barrow, check out the corresponding challenge that I posted last week!

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