Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trivia Tuesdays!

With American Thanksgiving on Thursday, I thought I'd post a fun little quiz.
These are my results, you can scoll down to the bottom and take it for youself. Hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!

What Your Thanksgiving Meal Says About You

When it comes to the holidays, you follow and love the big traditions. You look forward to them every year.

You see the holidays as a time to be close to loved ones. It's a good time to reconnect and make memories.

You like the aspects of the holiday that remind you of your childhood - opening presents, treats, and old favorite foods.

During the holidays, you are likely to feel energetic. At your worst, you feel bored.

You consider yourself to be a bit of a purist, and you're proud of it.

You tend to spend you holidays taking care of others. Holidays are one of the times you like to give.

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