Thursday, November 19, 2009

Write With Me - my Simple Pleasures Layout

Hi there! If you've been following my posts this month, you know I've been blogging about journaling your simple pleasures. I made my own layout for this challenge yesterday, so here it is, created using Kristin's Sweet Caroline kit! (also used stitching and swirl from All About Her)


I know, not much journaling... that's why I'm writing these posts to try and push myself to journal more. I went with a numbered journaling, writing a little bit about each and every photo. At first I wrote about half what you see, then I deleted it and started over again pushing myself to write more details.

You might have noticed the different size from the tradition 12x12, that's because I decided to scrap this one at 8x10 so that I can print it and frame it for my craft room. I thought it would be very inspiring.

Next week's post plan? A journaling freebie for all of you to encourage you to journal more on your layouts! Yay! See you all next week!


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  1. oh, monique, this is simple beautiful! love your layout! thanks for all your inspiration!