Friday, December 18, 2009

Hybrid Project - Snowman Soup

I want to thank Deb (dbrprc) for creating this tutorial for you all to enjoy. It is adorable beyond belief, and I have issues with glue so I needed some help. hehehee

Pop-top can tutorial by Deb Pierce (dbrprc)

Pop-top can
Safety can opener
Printed designs
½ circle punch (or use scissors)
Strong adhesive (I used Tombow Mono Multi liquid glue)
Hot glue gun

For this project you will need a pop-top can like the ones some soups and fruits come in. It can be any size you want. I happened to use a soup can.

Turn the can over, and remove the bottom with a safety can opener (the kind that turns the edge in so it isn’t sharp). Leave the top of the can intact. Empty out the can and wash thoroughly.

Create and print the designs you want to decorate the can. For my project I created a panel that was 10 inches wide by 5 inches high, but this will depend on the size of the can you are using. I also printed a 4 inch square for the top of the can. Next, trace around the top of the can onto the 4 inch square piece, and cut just inside the line. You may have to trim just a little, until it fits well on the top of the can.

Now comes the tricky part… trimming around the tab on the lid. I did this by trial and error. First I marked where the tab would be on the paper, then used a circle punch (mine was ½ inch) to punch a hole in the paper at that point. Then I cut a slit from the edge of the paper to the circle. I tested the fit around the tab, then trimmed as needed until it fit.

Now you can glue your designs on the can. For the main panel, you need to use strong adhesive so it will stay in place. I used Tombow Mono Multi liquid glue but you can also use red line tape or another strong adhesive. Once you have adhered the designs to the can, add some ribbon to the tab for a finishing touch.

Then all you have to do is fill the can with some candy or other small gift and glue the bottom in place. I used hot glue for the bottom.

Now you have a sweet little gift for someone you care about. I hope you give it a try, it really isn’t hard! Have fun!

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