Thursday, January 21, 2010

Journaling on the background!

Hey all you KCB fans! It's Monique here with another way to get journaling on your page!

In my first post of the year I told you how you could use a template and swap out a photo for a journaling block, then last week I gave you a template so you could try it. This week I'm going to give you another idea on how to add journaling on your page, and that idea is to...

Journal right on the background!

That's right, choose a simple background and journaling right on it.

You can journal in a column on the side:

layout by gracelikerain

You can cluster photos on the top or bottom of the layout and use the rest of the space for journaling:

layout by banana1282

Scatter your elements and photos along the edges and display your journaling right in the middle:

layout by rainydays

Or you can leave the photos out completely and just journal:

layout by Kim Mauch

I'll be back next week with my own layout using one of the above ideas for journaling right on the background. If you do this, please link me up so I can see! Have a happy scrappy day everyone!

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