Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An easy hybrid gift packaging!

Hey all you KCB fans!

I have another hybrid project to show you! Now I made this for Mother's Day, but you can make something like this for any occasion!

Here's what I made:

The card was easy - design on 3x3 document, print and glue onto a 3x3 blank card base from Close To My Heart (one of those home party scrapbooking companies). And I added a ribbon along the folded edge.

The packaging was easy too! I used an envelope, measured the flap, designed and printed a new - prettier flap. I glued on the new flap, as well as a scalloped decoration. I used velcro circles for the closure and glued a piece of ribbon under the flap... and now I have an envelope sized purse perfect for some chocolates.

Go ahead, try making one for someone's birthday, a get well gift, a new baby etc... the ideas are endless!

And what kit did I use? A Mother's Love by Kristin and Susan Bartolini!

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  1. Gorgeous!!!! Love this and I think I will give it a try!!!!