Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Hybrid Summer Adventure album

This summer, why not have a mini album handy for recording some of your favourite mini adventures? This week I made myself a little mini album with room for me to record 5 of this summer's little adventures (feel free to make yours larger if you'd like!). It didn't take me long at all to put it together, the longest amount of time spent on it was definitely the designing part.

So here's what I designed:

2 pocket designs to alternate in the album
1 tag design
Front cover and back cover.
I printed the covers on photo paper with a mat finish at Walmart, the other parts I printed at home on my home printer using brochure paper (also with a mat finish). Here's what one of my ready to print pages looks like, I also threw on some elements to use to decorate the album pages.
Now for the album! I used 3 pieces of cardstock paper measuring 5.5x8 inches (2 8.5x11" sheets trimmed down), stacked them... folded in half... then stapled on the crease. This is what that looked like:
Then I glued on the covers, cut out the pockets, tags and elements and started assembling! Here are the tags and pockets all cut out, then I folded and glued the pockets.
Then I started glueing stuff onto the album! I've already filled out one set of pages by adding a photo of the day we took our daughter to a local park to fly a kit. I filled out the tag with info about the day and wrote the date and place on the pocket. The rest of the book will get filled out thoughout the summer as we do some fun local stuff.

Well that's it for this hybrid project! Want to know what cute kit I used for this? Then check out Going Places by Kristin!


  1. I love this kit. Saw a layout today mentioned at GSO ( and immediately thought "that kit I got to have". I love the bright colors and the elements are cute. I searched your shop and I really like all the cool kits you make! Also cool that you can perfectly use them for hybrid scrapbooking.


  2. What an absolutely AWESOME tutorial and project!!! You amaze me Monique!!