Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scrapping for the kitchen!

Hey KCB fans,

I wanted to share with you this week something that I made that really helps keep me organized with mealtime. I made it a while ago using a now retired (sorry) Cozy Kitchen by Kristin.

On the left you can see that I have the days of the week printed - this is for my meal planning. Then on the right is a space for writing things that we need to buy... then when I'm making my grocery list I can refer to that for things that we've run out of. Having this kitchen helper has really made dinnertime a lot easier. I can see a few days in advance what the meal plan is and take meat out of the freezer ahead of time. And the list side really keeps me from forgetting things that I don't usually buy but may need.

Now to make this all I did was scrap my image at 8x10 and printed at my local photo printer. Then I laminated it (later on I glued magnets to the back for sticking to the fridge) and it's done! Find yourself a fine tip dry erase marker and you're ready to organize your meal planning and shopping!

So why don't you pick out a fun kit from your stash and scrap yourself a kitchen helper too? It'll also reduce how often the hubby and kids ask what's for dinner since they can just read it for themselves :-)

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  1. I LOVE your idea Monique! I used to have this same fabulous kit until my computer crashed and with it most of my kits from SSD were lost forever....:( Now I'm a tiny bit wiser and have an external hard drive....