Tuesday, September 21, 2010

KCB's Celebration Continues - Scavenger Hunt!!

It's day two in our week long birthday celebration for Kristin!! Today we are having a scavenger hunt. I've numbered the elements (and one alpha) 1 through 12. Go through Kristin's store and find which kits I've taken the elements from! Email your answers along with your SSD user name to

kjerstiwoods at sbcglobal dot net

Type carefully - my name is tricky!

All correct entries will be submitted into a drawing for a free KCB kit!! Each correct entry will get a little surprise I'm not giving any hints to what it is! You have to play to find out.

Scavenger hunt entries must be submitted by Friday, September 24th at Midnight (Eastern time).

Good luck!!!!

Original post by Kjersti here!

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