Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photo tips~ SNOW!

Hey there!
 With the latest dump of snow which was another foot...all that is on my mind is shoveling, making sure the kids are dressed when we go anywhere, what the roads are like, warming up the vehicle before we head out, more shoveling, and when is it going to get warm enough to go tobogganing!!??
 The last chance we had to go out on the hill apart from Sunday was 2 weeks ago, I took my camera (as I always do!) but when I got home I realized that I had a lot of editing to do to all the pictures I took, the snow looked 'greyish' the colours didn't pop again the white and the shadows were so dark!

 I did a little googling and experimenting with the info I gathered and I thought it might help some of you out as well!!
1. keep your camera as warm as you can! apparently your batteries last longer when they aren't cold!
2. set the white balance on your camera to HIGH! (this is what was causing the snow to look grey!)
3. use your flash!!! It will reduce the dark areas on your pictures!
4. use the action mode~ I should have thought of this the first time! would have reduced the blurry pictures i got!
Here are the pictures I took after I applied some of those tips! the only thing that was altered is a contrast boost on there jackets!

Hope those are helpful hints! And here are the kits that I am using in my layout!

Tis the Season for joy
The way you are

Have a great week!

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