Wednesday, March 9, 2011

QOTW time!

Hi everyone! Kiki here again. So I thought that it might be interesting to have a question of the week occasionally! I was at my physio appointment on Tuesday and got talking about digital scrapbooking and how it differs from paper scrapbooking. And that started us down to a very interesting discussion about the digi world where scrapbooking is concerned. So it got me to thinking....why did "I" start scrapbooking digitally?

It's a good question to ponder now and then because it brings you back to what's most important, I think, and that is a sense of accomplishment in doing digital scrapbooking for the reasons that are most important to you. Oh, sure, some of us started out because it was fun, creative, and we were just fooling around with Photoshop or some other program. But when you think about it, if you've been scrapbooking digitally for any amount of time, you must have had a reason why you decided to stick with it.

I decided to stick with digital scrapbooking after I designed my own wedding invitations and thank you cards, because it was a creative outlet for me and a way for me to document our lives. You see, my husband moved here from across the country, leaving behind all his friends and family. And scrapbooking our time together doing the everyday, ordinary things, as well as special hikes and vacations, was important to me. It provided me with a way of documenting these things and not taking them for granted. It's something tangible that I can show his family when we visit together, so that they can feel that they've sort of experienced our lives too. So while we may not have children together that will have these pages as an inheritance, we are still leaving a legacy in the scrapbook pages. A living legacy that we can share with family from far away.

So why did you start digital scrapbooking? Why not scrapbook a page about that very question? Kristin has some amazing kits that are timeless for pages that don't really have a theme, but are perfect for scrapbooking your story. If you have already scrapbooked that question, or decide to now, be sure to leave a comment with a link to your layout so that we can leave you some love.

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