Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Journaling Inspiration

I’m back this week with some photos of a few of my fave ornaments on our tree! I’ll tell you a little bit about each of them, then next week I’ll use that journaling to create a layout about some of my favourite and special ornaments!

If you have time to create a layout before Christmas, I’d love to see a layout with journaling about some of your favourite Christmas ornaments! Check out last week’s post for challenge details!

This ornament is one of a set of 6 that my mother gave me when I left home. I even have the original packaging for them. Each box has a different Santa design, they are made of cardboard with a bright red string for hanging. They are so susceptible to weather damage and yet, I still have them and they are in amazingly good condition. These are some of my favourite ornaments on the tree, reminding me of the years we would all go out searching for that one perfect Christmas tree.

This tin star shaped Santa ornament is one of a pair my husband received when his grandmother died many years ago. When she passed away, my in-laws went through her ornament collection and collected a few for my husband and for his brother. These 2 Santas are some of my favourites on our tree, they remind us of lost love ones who are always there with us, in our hearts.

This ornament as you can see was for my daughter’s first Christmas. Of course this ornament had to be included in this favourite collection, it reminds us of our first Christmas as a family with a child. Buying baby toys, seeing her expression as she opened her gifts. Big smile, wide open eyes and wonderful facial expressions will always be remembered when I look upon this ornament on our tree.

I think this ornament is the most beautiful one on the tree. We bought it when we went home for Christmas for my daughter’s first Christmas. I absolutely love snowflakes (had a January snowflake themed wedding), and the Snow Baby collectables are so cute! The year we bought this ornament it was retired, which makes me so thrilled to own a retired collectable as beautiful as this.

So there you have it, a handful of my favourite ornaments and a little story behind each. By next week I’ll get these into a layout and include my journaling. I’m even hoping that if I can get the rest of my holiday stuff done, I can find time to make a whole album about the ornaments on our tree. I really want to document the stories behind them so that as my daughter gets older, she’ll be able to read about what these ornaments mean to us and how they came to be in our collection. That way no matter what ever happens to us or to the ornaments themselves, the stories will still be there to cherish.

See you all again next week!


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