Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let's Make a List!

Hey Everyone! Crystal here to talk to you about journaling a little bit and give you some fun ideas! One of my favorite things to see pages about are lists. I just love them and there are so many ways you can scrap them. Often times when talking about journaling, people tell me that they don't exactly how to start or what POV to scrap from. When you are doing a list page those issues are almost resolved. Once you decide what kind of list to do you know from whose point of view to scrap from. Say you are doing a list of your childs favorite could easily just do the page from the child's POV if you like to mix that up on your scrapbook pages. When I journal I just tell everything my POV. I am the one doing the pages and it's just easier for me. I decided to just stick with that so I didn't have to decide on each page I did.

Today I decided to make a list as an element on my page instead of as my main journaling. Having it as an element on my page allowed me to elaborate on the list a bit in my journaling. Here's what I came up with:

Kristin and Jenn's Take Note kit was perfect for what I had in mind with this listy page.

Some other ideas for list type page are--(I am linking a few to kits that I think work well with the theme)--
The possibilities are totally endless and KCB has some gorgeous products to do some fab listy pages THIS ONE for books and THIS ONE for movies. I hope you are inspired to go scrap a list! If you do please link me up so I can see it!!!

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