Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quick Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Hi everyone. As school comes to a close very soon, I thought that I'd help you out with some ideas for teacher's gifts that you can make. So here's a list of some tutorials and ideas I found today while checking out Pinterest:

Glass marble magnets

And for any of these projects you could use this kit for your printable Teacher's Gifts:

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  1. Those are fabulous ideas! So cute ♥ SO ive been trying to find your contact info and this is the best i could do! I have a random question for a designer at thecutestblogontheblock i am kind of obsessed with your fabulous work and would be tickled pink i could use your kits in our custom blog designs!..Of course you would be given proper credit if your kit is used! I would love to hear back from you! My email is or you could leave me a comment on my blog with your answer! You are so talented and awesome! I hope you are having a fabulous day! :0)
    P.S..Sorry about the novel!